Hi! I’m Amanda and this is my son Remy.

We moved to Penang in 2016 when Remy was just 10 months old. When we arrived things were different – there were very few Facebook groups for expats, and it seems like there was also a lot fewer activities available, so we struggled to find things to do which is what ultimately inspired me to publish the original Penang Kids Guide booklet.

Now that there are so many schools, activities, shops and unique places to go, and resources available to kids in Penang I wanted to create the ultimate online guide for everything kid related in Penang. Well almost everything… this guide was formulated with expats in mind so all of the schools, activities, etc. are English language based but I do hope that this proves to be a helpful resources to all Penangites!

We are looking for contributors!

If you find yourself with some spare time, (probably for the first time since the pandemic started), please contact me! We need help reviewing, interviewing, researching, photographing and writing! If you ever wanted to get involved in magazine editorial work and publishing this is your chance! And you can be as involved as you want. A little time once in a while, or an active member of our community of families. I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at amandagoodrich@outlook.com

Many images used have been taken from public Facebook or other social media sites but we will happily take down any photo for any reason! Please just contact us!

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