After School Skate Session

Some of you might already know Arieff as he has been ‘barista extraordinaire’ at Let’s Meat for the past 5 years; but what you might not know is that he is also the coolest licensed (under the National Skate Accreditation) skateboard coach in town!

After School Skate Session, as it’s name very much implies, happens each weekday afternoon from 4-6pm at the Youth Park skate park. If you haven’t been there before, it’s located behind the playground, more towards the base of the hill. It’s the most beautiful setting to find a bunch of skate ramps and it’s nice to be surrounded by nature for that hour.

Ever since he was a kid Arieff always dreamed of becoming a pro-skater, and his passion for it is reflected in his teaching. Being with kids reminds him everyday of the reason he started riding in the first place: to have fun! And they do!

Contact Arieff through Instagram:

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  2. Thanks Jolene! It’s great to hear the brands that you recommend from an orthopedic point of view!

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