Asobiba offer a family-friendly kids’ indoor playground where toddlers and children up to 10 years old can experience all sorts of different play activities. From a giant ball pit, to play kitchens and climbing walls, kids have a lot of fun and our personal favorite was velcro-ing Remy to the wall!

They really specialize in birthday parties and baby showers and you can check their FB page for some amazing birthday inspiration.

6H-2-9, 6H-2-10, 6H-2-11

Level 2, All Seasons Place

Air Itam, Penang, Malaysia

016-653 2552

  1. I found some Skechers and Nike ones at Al-ikhsan sports which is on the 3rd floor of Queensbay mall.

  2. Thanks Jolene! It’s great to hear the brands that you recommend from an orthopedic point of view!

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing. I’m in orthopaedic business (bespoke insole – where we recommend school shoes for children. So…

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