This was one of the first places we discovered when we moved to Penang in 2016 and it’s a must-visit in Balik Pulau. Over the years the farm has grown and evolved and has become greener and more beautiful.

The Dream Farm is a great place to wander around and spend an hour or two. They have a very impressive collection of animals from exotic pigeons (some are really beautiful) to bunnies, goats, mini horses and even a camel, plus many many more! Pony and camel rides are available and the children are welcome to pet all of the animals.

Just map your way there as it’s down a lane off the main road that twists and turns until you reach the farm. You pull up and park just in front and when you enter there are some ladies at the counter in the reception area who will sell you food and collect your entrance fee. It’s a perfect place to sit and bring a picnic. They sell some drinks and ice-cream but haven’t had prepared food for a long time so bring your own. Organic vegetables from the farm are also available for sale.

They are open everyday 8am-6pm.

Entrance fees are:

Adult(12-59yrs) RM25 / Child(3-11yrs) RM15 / MM2H/PR RM15

Mykad holder rates are:

Adult(12-59yrs) RM10 / Child(3-11yrs) RM5 / Senior citizen(60~yrs) RM5

I don’t know of anyone personally having had a birthday there but I think it could be fun!

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