Penang Bowl

You won’t find a bowling alley like this one anywhere else in the world! It’s located on a prime piece of real-estate on Farquhar Road, just next to the majestic E&O Hotel. At the far end of the lanes you will find one picturesque window to remind you of just how unique Penang Bowl is, with its stunning views of the Straits of Malacca. Established in 1973 (quick math that’s almost 50 years ago!) it has maintained a chic vintage charm to it.

While we ended up having tons of fun, I wish that there were a couple of lanes with bumpers for the kids, and some smaller/lighter bowling balls. As far as catering to children that would take it to the next level, but as it stands it is still a great destination for family outings, parties, or just a couple of quick games.

Shoes are available (and required) but note that they don’t have very small sizes so if you have little feet, bring thick socks!

38-B, Lebuh Farquhar, Georgetown

04-263 4702

After School Skate Session

Some of you might already know Arieff as he has been ‘barista extraordinaire’ at Let’s Meat for the past 5 years; but what you might not know is that he is also the coolest licensed (under the National Skate Accreditation) skateboard coach in town!

After School Skate Session, as it’s name very much implies, happens each weekday afternoon from 4-6pm at the Youth Park skate park. If you haven’t been there before, it’s located behind where the kids playground is, more towards the base of the hill. It’s the most beautiful setting to find a bunch of skate ramps and it’s nice to be surrounded by nature for that hour.

Ever since he was a kid Arieff always dreamed of becoming a pro-skater, and his passion for it is reflected in his teaching. Being with kids reminds him everyday of the reason he started riding in the first place: to have fun! And they do!

Contact Arieff through Instagram:

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Super Saturday Sports Club!

It’s so exciting to see life getting back to normal and kids getting out and exercising again. The Super Saturday Sports Club is a great Saturday morning activity run by 2 qualified P.E. teachers, Jon and Kirsty Abel, on the ever-improving Tenby campus.

Kids range in age from 5-9 years old and the idea is for them to get out and run around, play games and have fun being together in a healthy and supportive environment.

Different games are picked each week depending on the groups of kids, and what they want to play. They range from Remy’s favorite: Yoshi, to all different types of tag, swimming, badminton, capture the flag and many more.

Parents can sign up on a weekly basis to allow for flexibility (which is ideal for weekends in case you want to get away). You just have to fill in a form but you can get all of the details below:

Project Rock Climbing Gym

Tanjung Bungah, IKEA Batu Kawan and coming soon to…Gurney Plaza!

Project Rock is one of our favorite places – probably because we have an avid young rock climber in the family!

The BIG Project Rock is located inside the same mall as the IKEA in Batu Kawan. There is a small climbing space for babies and toddlers and safe areas for kids of all abilities to climb. The staff are very friendly and help you with everything so no experience is necessary. It’s also a great place to host a kids birthday party!

The Tanjung Bungah location is above Let’s Meat at Permai Park in Tanjung Bungah. This is a much smaller gym with significantly lower ceilings but is perfect for children! They offer late afternoon classes for kids (just contact them for more information).

And coming soon their brand new location which has just been announced at Gurney Plaza. Stay tuned for updates!

Climbing shoes are available so remember to bring socks and wear comfortable clothing.

Batu Kawan Location
Staff making sure we are safe!
Tanjung Bungah Climbing Class
Tanjung Bungah Location


Soccer Experience @ POWIIS

We absolutely love this club!

You’ll find a family friendly environment, with loads of kids of all ages and from all different schools. Kids play on a brand new, beautiful pitch at the Powiis junior school in Tanjung Bungah.

Teenagers help the coaches who make it fun and engaging, and a full hour zips by without even the thought of a screen or device. They play rain or shine – except when the now infamous “lightening-o-meter” says it’s unsafe (and then we get the most amazing Scottish accent weather updates!)

It’s always all smiles (and lots of sweat) afterwards so remember to bring a few Ringgit to buy a well-earned popsicle or drink, (which is where you sign in as well). There and lots of places to sit and watch the kids play and there’s a small playground to entertain the toddlers too little to join in.

It’s RM35 for walk-in and you get a discount if you sign up for their packages.

Classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (starting May 2) at 5.30pm. Saturday pick-up games start at 10am and parents can join in too!

Ages are from 3+

Contact them directly on what’s app 011-1098-1366

find them on Instagram at

And if you are lucky, afterwards you might just find the goat herders behind the school. We stopped the car and jumped out to see them and the kind shepherdess let us hold this adorable baby!

Flow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Flow is located in Permai 32. Once you climb the stairs you will find a clean, modern aesthetic dojo (or is just called a gym?) with black gi (uniforms) creating a graphic contrast.

Poppy runs the training sessions with a mixture of discipline/respect and fun. Martial arts are known to help with a child’s development. They say it’s good for concentration, discipline, coordination, memorization, team work and of course self defense. This also comes in handy when kids are just horsing around because they learn what their limits are.

All of the coaches are great with the kids and there have been usually at least 2-3 coaches during the classes supporting Poppy.

Evening and Saturday classes are available for kids of all ages and levels.

Permai 32

Tanjung Bungah

Contact them at: 014-399 8377

Junior Gymnastics

JG is a very popular gymnastics center located above the Prima Tanjung food court. Classes range from kinder gym to adult tumbling, from fun kid classes to more serious training there is something for everyone!

96-1-1 Prima Tanjung

Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong

016-509 9528

Tanjung Bungah, Banyan Lepas, Butterworth

016-509 9528

FB: Junior Gymnastics Centre Penang