Dalat International School

“Dalat is a Preschool- Grade12 school with nearly 700 students from 25 countries around the world. The school is founded on God’s truth in the Bible and the American, university preparatory curriculum. The name “Dalat” comes from the school’s city of origin in Vietnam in 1929. Dalat has operated in Penang for nearly 50 years on the same campus overlooking the Malacca Straits.” (Dalat FB page)

There is no doubt that Dalat is located in a beautiful setting right on the water in Tanjung Bungah. The school is a conservative American Christian based school, and while they do boast having children with other religions, you have to be willing to accept that it is deeply rooted in the Bible.

We toured the school and found it too conservative for us, but we have many friends with children there and they are all extremely happy. If you would like to comment below with your thoughts and opinions, I am sure they would be helpful to prospective families!


  1. Our son studies at Dalat. He’s been there for 6 years and still loving it. The school doesn’t stray too far from good old conservative American values and the teachings of the bible are first and foremost in everything they do. Discipline is of utmost priority and therefore a boon to parents who value the additional attention the school places on good behaviour. Having said that though we are not strictly Christian, we don’t feel uncomfortable with the entire situation. It’s akin to going to a Catholic school where you have to attend mass and practice your “Hail Mary” every Easter.

    Within the school, there’s a strong spirit of community and inclusiveness. The staff and older students display a high level of tolerance for the shenanigans of the younger students in the school. If you have a “special needs” child, there’s a special need department in the school that specially caters to them. Best of all, even though it’s an international school, there’s a good mix of regular expats and locals that eliminates the elitists-ness that you may experience elsewhere. If I had to describe the school, I’d say it’s down to earth.

    • I have heard very positive things about their “special needs”, as well as their homeschool programs! Thanks for all of your comments!!

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