We love Escape and everytime we leave we can’t wait to go back!

Start your morning on the adventure side which is good for kids and adults of all levels (plus the water park doesn’t open until later). The toddlers will most likely prefer the water park but regardless there are some activities for them. Meanwhile there is so much for the slightly older kids (approx. ages 5+ depending on size and bravery!) to do.

We did the trapeze, ropes course, trampoline, scaled the side of a building and jumped off another!

Then as the sun gets higher in the sky and you are nice and sweaty, head over to the water park (which only opens in the afternoon) for a quick shower and then a refreshing dive into one of the many pools. Enjoy the world’s longest waterslide – take a ski lift to the top and have a long relatively lazy ride through the rainforest canopy and back down into the cool turquoise pools. There are dive pools, banana slides, high dive boards and Ninja Warrior type courses… and the list goes on, all set in a very mellow and chill atmosphere.

Just recently they opened the World’s Longest Single Zipline (in addition to the water slide) and now hold 2 Guinness Book of World Records titles.

There are lockers and showers available. The staff are very friendly and the gift shop is well stocked with swimwear, sunblock and floats of all kind. Food is available for purchase (it’s pretty good, chicken sausages, fried chicken, etc.) with long tables making it a great place for birthdays, day trips, family outings and weekend activities!

It really is one of Penang’s most notable attractions. A tip for out-of-towners with kids: a good weekend itinerary would be to stay at the new Angsana Hotel (https://www.facebook.com/angsanatelukbahang) and enjoy a day or two at Escape but then continue driving around to explore the western side of the island to Balik Pulau where there are loads of interesting activities. Check our curated categories for more tips.


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