Flow Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Flow is located in Permai 32. Once you climb the stairs you will find a clean, modern aesthetic dojo (or is just called a gym?) with black gi (uniforms) creating a graphic contrast.

Poppy runs the training sessions with a mixture of discipline/respect and fun. Martial arts are known to help with a child’s development. They say it’s good for concentration, discipline, coordination, memorization, team work and of course self-defense. This also comes in handy when kids are just horsing around because they learn what their limits are.

All of the coaches are great with the kids and there have been usually at least 2-3 coaches during the classes supporting Poppy.

Evening and Saturday classes are available for kids of all ages and levels.

Permai 32

Tanjung Bungah

Contact them at: 014-399 8377


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