Georgetown Bicycle Shop

I had always heard good things about Georgetown Bicycle Shop located on Jalan Patani so when Remy outgrew his (much more expensive) 1st bicycle, we decided to give it a try…

Admittedly when we arrived I didn’t see a TON of children’s bikes, and the shop was a bit smaller than I expected, but we did meet Gary, who is such a nice man, with such a happy and sunny disposition. Luckily for us, before we even had to search, we saw the perfect bike for Remy in his favorite metallic-rainbow colors!

So maybe we lucked out in finding the right bike, at the right time, for the right price – which was a fraction of what we paid for his “fancy” name-brand bike (which we also loved and had a good experience with!) But this time, since he is growing so quickly, we wanted better value, and we found it at Georgetown Bikes. Plus this also happens to be a great, solid bike and we know if we ever have any issues with it, Gary will take care of us.

Gary went out of his way to help tune it, adjust it to the proper height, we added a few flashing LED’s, a bell and all rather efficiently we were on our way! We had an excellent shopping experience and recommend you at least check them out when considering a new bike.

There is also a bigger selection of adult bicycles, as well as a range of electric scooters.

What’s App or call Gary at 012-420-1111

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