Friends recently introduced us to this terrific Japanese concept ‘board game cafe’ which was not at all what I was expecting! Deep in the heart of Jelutong, on the second floor of a strip mall is this very modern cafe where everyone plays games and hangs out. And the bonus is that the food was really tasty (we had the popcorn chicken), the coffee was delicious and the staff are super friendly!

We played with the other 2 parents while the kids played their own games. The other tables were full of people of all ages – from families, to teenagers, to adults. There are scores of boardgames to choose from; I didn’t recognize any of them (don’t expect any Parker Brother games here) but one of the great things about Kohii is that the staff helps you set up the games, and will explain them to you so you can start playing right away and not worry about having to learn how to play!

Memberships are available and offer significant savings. The board games are also available for purchase so if you play something you love you can also take it home with you. Be sure to make a booking but it’s a great way to pass the afternoon with the kids!

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