This membership program is really unique, and great for families moving to Penang, or for those who may not have heard about it! Even if your condo has a nice pool, joining the Park Royal is like joining a fancy Tropical Country Club, with different amenities and services, for a relatively low price. It’s even nice to go without the children and take advantage of the spa, or just relax away from home for a luxurious morning, or afternoon.

The Park Royal Hotel is located in Batu Ferrenghi on a nice strip of the beach. The rooms are modern, clean and very comfortable. There’s usually ample space for kids to sleep as well. There are also 2 pools: one is geared more towards kids with a slide, and is located next to the Amazonia which is a big, fun splash park perfect for smaller kids.
The other “adult” pool (kids are still allowed) is just gorgeous – relax in the sun or shade and enjoy a cocktail or lunch by the pool, with lush surroundings, the sea breeze and a mellow vibe.

Here are the details:

For more information please contact them directly at +60 4 886 2288 or

We’ve stayed at the hotel many times, especially during breaks in the Covid lockdowns so I have a lot of photos to share…

It’s also good to note that the Italian restaurant called Gustoso, which is tasty and conveniently located next to the kids pool, is a great place to host a children’s birthday party. They will create a buffet and the children are allowed access to the pool and water slides as well.

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