I’ve always wanted to try this and it did not disappoint! This is a super fun family activity in Balik Pulau, where you get to ride through tiny Kampong’s and around rice paddy fields, with absolutely breathtaking scenery. I kept having to remind myself that we were only about 45 minutes away from home!

They offer either single or double rides (it’s the same ATV but the pricing is different), and I would say adventurous kids 5+ would be fine to go with an adult. To ride solo you have to be over 18.

The course is roughly 10km and takes about an hour, with a couple of photo breaks along the way. The terrain is not difficult but you and your kids should definitely wear sunglasses! When you are on a dusty path behind another ATV it can be blinding and painful… something I learned that the hard way! Sunscreen + bug spray is also always recommended for all outdoor activities.

They have 5 time slots and you need to book at least 2 ATV’s (and up to 20). We were a group of 10 and there was another group who rode with us as well. If you can, try to get the ATV’s at the front of the line, especially if you are like Remy and want to go as fast as possible (which is about 40km/hr)!

Pricing was as follows and there is an up-charge to the 6pm sunset ride (details below)

Rm 130 for a single ATV
Rm 180 for a double ATV

They are open daily with the following time slots:

9 am
11 am
1 pm
3 pm
5 pm
6pm (Sunset Trip: minimum booking requires 5 ATV’s plus a RM30 surcharge for the group)

You must pre-book and you can contact them directly on What’sApp at 013-480-3866.

We did the 5pm tour and then proceeded to goto Nada for dinner.
The Countryside Stables (https://penangkidsguide.com/countryside-stables/) is very close to Nada so if you want to add more to your Balik day, you could also stop by to ride or pet the horses and donkeys!

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