Pure Wonder Life Kids Power Holiday Camps

I have known Susie since we first moved to Penang, as she moved here with her family that same summer, way back in 2016!

Recognizing a need to offer kids something akin to a “life-coach”, Susie started Pure Wonder Life. These workshops help prepare children for the difficulties they will face in life and gives them the tools they will need to deal with adversity in a positive and productive way. Susie is kind, supportive and engaging, and the kids all enjoy themselves as they learn through games, examples and lots of interaction.

There is still time to sign up for any of the workshops but you better hurry! Susie also offers one-on-one programs and various different workshops throughout the year. Susie has a dedicated room for her sessions at The Cove which is inviting, and smells divine (Susie is also a professional aromatherapist!)

To learn more about Pure Wonder Life click below:

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