Saanen Dairy Goat Farm

Don’t let the name fool you – the Saanen Dairy Goat Farm surprises visitors with a lot more than just goats!

This family owned 3-acre farm is another one of Penang’s little gems nestled in the verdant hills of Balik Pulau. They have been producing quality organic goat milk, yogurt and ice-cream since 2009.

Much to our delight we discovered that in addition to the beautiful milk-colored goats, there was a whole host of other animals to play with and feed. Food packets are for sale and sometimes you can help bottle feed a kid (baby) goat. And if you are extra lucky (like I was) you can even give a baby hedgehog a mini fist-bump!

It’s a great place to visit and spend a few hours. Don’t forget to buy some of their delicious and organic products and help support our local farmers. (I not-so-secretly hope that they start selling goat cheese on our next visit…)

Fun facts: Compared to standard cow, rice, soy or nut milks, goat milk has more protein per serving (8g/cup), and is more digestible. It’s loaded with calcium and other minerals, is good for your skin, and is delicious. The flavor overall is mild, with an almost nutty taste and earthy undertones, and the milk has a smooth creamy consistency.

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