A question we always get it where to find good school shoes… So far our list is a little limited but I am hoping more people will join in and comment below!

Most of the International schools (and local ones as well!) require black shoes, and white socks. How you interpret that is up to you! Some boys like loafers or leather dress shoes, some go with the chunky black work shoes, and others see how far they can push it with sneakers (trainers). For girls the choices are a bit wider of course but there’s nothing more classic than the patent black leather Mary-Janes!

Parkson’s is probably your best bet for a more formal shoe, as well as the most expensive.

Clarks and Bata make sensible shoes.

Then a lot of the sneaker brands make all black shoes, but be careful because this is where you can straddle the line between a shoe that’s very comfortable that you can get away with and one where you will be called out because of too much white (like the Adidas stripes).

For these sports brands I find that their main flagships stores in Gurney don’t carry much of a kid’s selection but the other sports stores in the mall like JD Sports have more stock. Then there are independent stores like Al-Ikhsan (they are all over but we like the one on Kelawai) or Sports Direct (at E-Gate). Parkson’s also carries children sizes in sportswear brands, and Queensbay has quite a few stores including their big department store AEON.

For socks and undershirts we started getting them at Mother Care in Gurney Plaza and just stuck with it although I am sure there are lots of options from Lotus’s all the way up to Parkson’s.

If you have any other tips or suggestions please mentioned them in the comments below!


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing.
    I’m in orthopaedic business (bespoke insole – Wonderwalk.my) where we recommend school shoes for children.

    So far we found out that there are black shoes from Skechers (available beginning of school).
    ASICS also have black shoes.
    Nike too but the option is limited.

    Normally these are the brand we recommended depending on their foot type and problem. 😀

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