Soccer Experience @ POWIIS

We absolutely love this club!

You’ll find a family friendly environment, with loads of children of all ages and from all different schools. Kids play on a brand new, beautiful pitch at the Powiis junior school in Tanjung Bungah. Coach Martin heads the operations and a team of coaches all of whom are terrific. Teenagers help the coaches to make it fun and engaging, and device free!

Children are broken up into different small groups based on age and ability. They all make friends with their teammates and it’s a fabulous social and active gathering for them. It’s so healthy to learn to associate exercise with having a good time from an early age (versus an obligation), and as you can see they get really into it!

Photo credits to Kotaro’s mom

What I’ve noticed the most is Remy start to gain the feeling that comes from being part of a team, playing together (and against) his friends, but always having fun. Being in isolation during the pandemic took this aspect of togetherness and camaraderie away for too long and seeing kids interact like this is incredible.

Photo credits to Kotaro’s mom

The entrance is around the back side of the POWIIS building. Everyone parks on the road and you walk your child in past the playground. Past several tables there is the sign-in area and concession stand. You can buy discounted packages, or the per entrance fee is RM35. Classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5.30-6:30pm. Saturday pick-up games start at 10am and parents can join in too! Ages are 3+ but for older kids contact them as their start times are different.

It’s always all smiles (and lots of sweat) afterwards so remember to bring a few Ringgit to buy a well-earned popsicle or drink (even beer for the adults). After football ends promptly at 6:30 the kids all head to the playground, popsicles in hand and wind down for a few minutes before heading home. It’s the perfect way to end the day. And if you are lucky, on your way home you might see the family of goats and their kind herders who let us hold a baby. This is all part of what makes life in Penang so special when you have a family and children full of wonder…

You can also host a birthday party at the club… look out for a post on that coming soon!


  1. H I Martin

    Glad to read you’re very active with soccer experience.

    A little more than ten years ago you were kind enough to let my grandson Casper kick a few balls around. Now Casper is 16 and looks down on his soon as he was 16 he turned out for the first team of his club GVI Gentofte Vangede Idraet.He trains four times a week and plays as a Sweeper.
    If you’re still doing your courses in Spain he might like to come over next summer.He has just started his second year of the three year sixth form college.
    We had a big party last night for Caspers mother who was just awarded Danish citizenship after living in Denmark 49 years!!😄

    Please give my warm wishes to your family.

    Looking forward to hearing from you


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