Tech Dome Penang

Thanks to member Fred for the recommendation!

Explore, discover & experience science at Tech Dome (KOMTAR, Georgetown).

Tech Dome Penang is Penang’s 1st Science Discovery Centre. It’s a unique concept, utilizing the allocated space to create “a world within a world”, a miniature city made to tell the story of technology through interactive and immersive engagements. It showcases innovation, learning and entertainment in such a way as to bridge the understanding of technology and its impact on its visitors.

The entrance is tucked away somewhat behind where the carousel is…not the most obvious place to look but we were surprised by the size once we found it.

04-262 6663

Mon Cher Living Art Center

This is not a traditional drawing and painting class but Claire offers a creative approach and a sensory experience (especially for the little ones) that is unique and progressive.

As a parent it’s been terrific because that’s where Remy has done all of his real “messy” art and I haven’t had to set it up or clean it afterwards! There was so much freedom in what he could do that Remy took to it so well…and really enjoyed himself! We definitely give this two paint-covered thumbs up!!

Art classes are also available to older kids who have produced some amazing things…

Also enquire about hosting a birthday party there!

Tanjong Tokong

016-225 6796

FB: Mon Cher Living Art Centre