Taska Lin Waldorf Steiner Kindergarten

The “Little School” (as it’s known) is a Waldorf Steiner school (for ages 18 months – 6 years) located in Tanjung Tokong. This school is special to us because it was the first pre-school Remy went to and to this day he is still friends with a lot of kids he met there!

Many people reading this post will be familiar with life in Penang, and that things are a little different from the way they might have been back in our “home” countries. I remember marveling that the school was basically in the jungle (it’s not at all), and thinking how fabulous it was that in the morning the kids are encouraged to play outdoors and get dirty, exploring new things and just being kids. Then the “aunties” basically line them up and hose them down, helping them change into a clean set of clothes for food and indoor play or naps.

In fairness it’s been a long time since we were there but I know it’s still a popular choice and one thing remains constant… that Lin and her husband “Uncle” (as he’s known) Yang are what makes this school so special.

Back in the old days (pre-Covid), Lin had the “big school” located on a beautiful sprawling property in Jesselton (I remember some great lion dances there), which is where the older kids went, but now they have consolidated on the corner of Fettes and Mt. Erskine. So because Uncle was running the little school when Remy was there, I have a soft spot for him because of his ever cheerful nature, his infinite patience and his way of making the children see the wonder in the world.

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